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So often Earth Angels lose their confidence and allow the opinions of others to influence their own self-perspective. This may have started with your family and can be continuing now without you even being aware.

When your confidence is low, you will find it hard to achieve your dreams. Archangel Michael can help you. He is sent to be your Divine Protector. Invite him to remove your negative attachments. Feel empowered knowing you have his powerful protection shielding you.

Once you know he is with you, either through feeling his Divine Presence or receiving “signs” (learn the most common signs here) your confidence will grow. You will have more courage to take steps forward in order to manifest your dreams.


How Do You Invoke Archangel Michael’s Assistance?


Lighting a candle is one of the simplest signals you can use to invoke the help of Archangel Michael. You are requesting his protection by taking a simple action of lighting the wick. He will be present immediately.

As the defender of all that is pure, Archangel Michael is the epitome of strength and valor. He intervenes miraculously to save lives and to protect our bodies, loved ones, vehicles, belongings, and reputations.


Use your Archangel Michael Candle daily to call forth his divine energy bringing you protection, courage and strength

I look forward to hearing how your life changes in wonderful, positive ways after calling on the assistance of Archangel Michael.

Blessings to you and all you do,