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Listen to your weekly message from the Angels. Your Divine Team wants to bring you guidance to live a more fulfilled and happy life.


Karen Borga is a gifted intuitive counselor, healer & teacher. Through her teachings, people begin to believe and trust in Angels. Angels are pure radiant love. Once you know and feel the love from the Angels, the love inside of your heart begins to open. You begin to become aware of who you are, and your love begins to radiate. The world around you begins to change.

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  1. Jan Lugenbuhl

    Thanks. This spoke to me..

  2. Cathryn

    Thank you Karen. Loved your reading & the exact message from the Angels & Divine connects with yesterdays healing sent from around the world. Hope you were able to join with us yesterday at 11:00 AM to help heal our world/Mother Earth. OM Gosh the energy was so amazing, vibrantly strong from the Angelical Divine delivering a blessing for all of us! Wish I could talk to you by phone to tell you all the beautiful Angels, light & beauty we all experienced during the healing being sent. And yes, just like with your reading here. Big changes for the highest good for all of us & our world is happening right now. There was a huge shift yesterday & hope you felt it too! Since the healing was such an amazing success yesterday, our group & asking other light walkers, healers, earth Angels who spread loving, healing white light to join us around the world once a month for the intention of sending loving, healing, white light to our world/Mother Earth. Hope you, Frank & even others you know will join us in the future. Thank you Karen & Frank for all you do spreading white light & positive change. Sending you much love, light & a multitude of abundance in all areas of your life. Namaste

  3. eurwen

    Beautiful messages ,thank you Karen . Love and light xx


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