Each week, we offer guidance from the Angels. These messages are meant to give you simple action steps to help you through the week, and the rest of your life. 

This week, release beliefs and open your heart. Your Angels are protecting you.
~ Karen 


  1. Cheryl Menendez

    Thank you for your reading of the cards, it gives me strength!

  2. carrie Bower

    Thank you for this reading! I needed this and at the most perfect time! my hearty is opened and I believe!!@! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

    • Karen Borga

      I’m so glad!! ~ Karen

  3. Stephanie Bushey

    Thank you so much , youare righton .H ave a disabled daughterand I mush let my fears go . Dad left 14 years ago so we are on our own . I work 2 jobs to keep our home staffing is hard
    I have to do my best and understand Katies pathis her path . LET MY FEARS GO .

  4. Pam J

    Right on target for me!!!

  5. Jean

    Thank you for the message and it is really helping me in making a decision on a move. Right on target for me!

    • Karen Borga

      Oh … so glad to hear that! ~ Karen


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