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Don’t know what you want to manifest? This is the easiest way to get started. Make it fun and let your mind dream!

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Each week, we offer guidance from the Angels. These messages are meant to give you simple action steps to help you through the week, and the rest of your life. 

Karen Borga is a gifted intuitive counselor, healer & teacher. Through her teachings, people begin to believe and trust in Angels. Once you know and feel the love from the Angels, the love inside of your heart begins to open. You begin to become aware of who you are, and your love begins to radiate. The world around you begins to change.


  1. Selena

    Thank you, sending you prayers and love in return. Selena

    • Leigh Lucy

      Love, light and blessings Karen. Thank you for another wonderful reading.

  2. Jan Lugenbuhl

    Fabulous. No coincidence, as this is so significant to me (and many of us). Thanks, Karen.

  3. Julie

    Wow ! This was exactly what I needed!! I feel so much better! Now I know what to do!!

  4. Elise Rosenberg

    Thank you for your beautiful message Karen. I hope you’re doing well. Love seeing you on this reading. Wishing you a great week ahead. Much love❤️

    • Karen Borga

      Hi Elise,
      Yes, life is good. I pray it is even better for you!
      ~ Karen

  5. Stephanie Bushey

    Than you , Sending Gods Love and Light to you both as you do for all .


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