Each week, we offer guidance from the Angels. These messages are meant to give you simple action steps to help you through the week, and the rest of your life. 

Karen Borga is a gifted intuitive counselor, healer & teacher. Through her teachings, people begin to believe and trust in Angels. Once you know and feel the love from the Angels, the love inside of your heart begins to open. You begin to become aware of who you are, and your love begins to radiate. The world around you begins to change.


  1. Marie

    Thank you Karen, that’s exactly what I have been told to stay grounded! ❤️

  2. Lorraine Sorrentini

    Happy Mothers Day!

    Thank you for All you do and share. Blessings!

  3. Heather Vallevand

    Thank you both for the lovely weekly messages! Much love!

  4. Vanessa

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for this message. Happy Mother’s Day to you!


  5. Cheryl Menendez

    Blessings on your Mother’s day also, and thank you for your time and reading

  6. connie

    love this reading will take all on brod ty

  7. Paulette

    Happy Mothersday to you and your family. Sending Sunday Blessings of Love and white energy

  8. Teresa Taylor

    I can relate well to this
    Message.Thankyou,Karen,and Happy Mothers Day!

  9. Cathryn

    Thank you Karen. This was perfect for me & the phone call I got later today. I responded & not reacted to a long time situation that will not be ending for a long time with a family member. It is giving me time to decide how to handle this “Important” situation the right way for all concerned going forward. Thank you. Happy Mothers Day to you too.

  10. Anna Careless

    Hi Karen, love your weekly reading. I can resonate with it, I have an ongoing situation that has been ongoing for about 8years, I am expecting closure on it soon. Thank you for this reading. Love and Light.

  11. eurwen

    Wonderful messages , thank you Karen xx

  12. Kitty



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