Each week, we offer guidance from the Angels. These messages are meant to give you simple action steps to help you through the week, and the rest of your life. 

For over a decade, Frank has been giving guidance to his clients from all over the world.  He serves as a channel to provide messages of guidance and healing to help you see beyond the limitations that you put forth on yourself to develop a new and better path. The purpose of his messages is to provide guidance to difficult situations. He is also gifted as a medical intuitive.


  1. Martha

    Love your weekly messages!! Look forward to them! This one, on love, creativity, and light…. some good advice…. your messages always give me hope, and encouragement! Thank you so much.

  2. Debra

    This message today was right on for me today. . . thank you
    Blessings always ~ Namaste’

  3. Barbara Little

    Hi Frank. For some reason I haven’t had your weekly reading for the past few weeks. I always look Fwd to them for guidance. I haven’t changed my email and I’m still getting Karen’s daily card picks.


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