Let’s just take a moment to breathe together today. Just a few moments can make such a difference in how you feel, and how you respond throughout your day.

I start by lighting a candle each morning. It is my signal to my Angels that I want to spend time with them.

Today I used the Archangel Gabriel candle. Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of New Beginnings. I am working on creating lots of new products for Awaken with Angels. AA Gabriel is the Angel to call when you are creating, looking to start something new. I just love the energy of this Angel … who doesn’t love to manifest positive new changes in their life?

You can order your Archangel Candle here https://goo.gl/UvNSh9

Archangel Gabriel Candle


Use your Archangel Gabriel Candle to help manifest positive new changes in your life.

Good Morning from Karen Borga


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