My name is Tammy. I am very SPIRITUAL and have been most of my life. When I was 7 yrs old I experienced what I thought was some kind of fairy as a kid to know later on it was an angel. That stayed with me throughout my life.

My life now is not complicated, but not planned for myself. I am married a second time now for 27 yrs. I have two beautiful daughters who are 33 and 39 yrs old, 2 amazing dogs. I absolutely give my everything to them and they keep me going. I live in chronic pain 25/7. Fibromyalgia, which I have, can be debilitating – back and neck pain. All of this stopped me from work I loved by the time I was 50 yrs old. I am 58.

Right after Christmas in 2018, things weren’t good for me and I sort of hit a low in my life where I was reaching out to God and my angels for some kind of positive sign. A few weeks past as I quickly forgot about things and went on with daily things as usual the best that I can.

One morning early to my surprise, I got up to go into the bathroom and as I turned on the light, as clear as day there in the corner of my bathroom was this beautiful angel looking at me for about 4 seconds!!!

My mouth opened and I stared in awe!!! This beautiful angel, showed herself to me!!! She had blondish colored hair , huge feathered wings, her gown was in fish scale design in earth-tone colors of which were blues, whites taupes, soft greens. GORGEOUS!!! 

This angel hovered in front of me for 4 seconds, from what I recall, to let me know she is there for me.
Was she the same angel I saw when I was seven yrs old??? I don’t know.

Since my spiritual experience, my life is better. There are still some things I wish would change for the better, but knowing my angel is with me, by my side I am more confident about everything. I have more clarity. Its like she guides me everyday as I have newer positive thoughts on how to improve my life. I wanted so much to share this with you.

Have a blessed day, angel crossing here!!!
TAMMY MICHAEL. ❤ ^j^ ^j^ ❤ ^j^


  1. Karen Borga

    What a great confirmation that your Angels are watching over you. I saw an Angel once … with my eyes open … was the most amazing thing ever. ~ Karen

  2. Elsie

    I’ve never actually saw an Angel. But one night a few years ago, I was awaken to the entire room filled with different color sparkles of light. I know it was my Angels letting me know would always be around me❤

    • Karen Borga

      My grandmother told me about an experience she had very similar to yours. She sat up in the bed, and saw sparkles … and then touched her cheek and she was crying … but she wasn’t crying. It was profound for her. She shared it with me in the morning, I was sleeping over. ~ Karen

  3. Martha

    Oh how awesome!!! I hope to get to experience something similar someday!!

  4. Paula

    I believe in angels all around us.

  5. TAMMY

    Since I recently told my story and beautiful Karen shared it on this site, I want to tell all that I was in my yard recently with my dogs and I found a plastic angel wing. I’m not sure where it came from, it wasen’t from anything that I have ever owned, so I feel I am still getting messages from the angels.
    I thought I would share that…..Love to all, Tammy Michael ^j^

    • Karen Borga

      Oh … what a lovely sign. Thank you for sharing! ~ Karen

  6. Tammy Michael

    Hi Karen and Angel followers…I would like to post my recent events…..I saw the numbers 78 and 34 in a dream yesterday. I didn’t think nothing of it first, then I decided to look it up. they are Angel numbers!! The Angel’s are still contacting me……I thank my Angel’s every day….Love to all, Tammy Michael

  7. Ms Mary Telfer

    Interesting x


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