Audio Email “LOVE” Reading


Looking for more Love in your life?
This reading was designed for you.

Whether you are in an existing relationship or are searching for someone new, this reading will give you great insight.

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Your reading will answer 5 Specific Questions about giving and receiving love.

Question 1: What blocks me from receiving love?

Question 2: What can I proactively do to open myself to receive more love?

Question 3: What blocks me from giving love?

Question 4: How can I offer more love to those around me?

Question 5: What surprise does my heart have in store?

(Please do not submit questions for this reading. Frank will address the questions listed above.)

After you order your reading, and you will receive an email with a link to schedule your session.

Frank will record the session and you will receive an audio file with your reading.



Frank Borga is a gifted intuitive reader. An intuitive reader serves as a channel to provide messages of guidance and healing to help you see beyond the limitations that you put forth on yourself to develop a new and better path. The purpose of an intuitive reader is to provide guidance to difficult situations. He is also gifted as a medical intuitive. Your reading can bring your life greater peace, love, and understanding. A talent of Frank’s is the ability to address the most pressing issues and deliver messages that need to be heard to guide you to a path of healing and happiness. Frank offers insight that you may not even know you need and clarifies any boundaries between you and your better path. Because of his extraordinary talents, he has been listed in “The Best Psychic Directory” by Bob Olsen, a hand-picked directory of the finest psychics. Please note: All readings are for entertainment purposes only.


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