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Frank Borga is a gifted intuitive reader, healer & teacher. He serves as a channel to provide messages of guidance and healing to help you see beyond the limitations that you put forth on yourself to develop a new and better path. The purpose of his readings is to provide guidance to difficult situations. He is also gifted as a medical intuitive.


  1. Lorraine Lewis

    I was wondering about doors slamming in my house and hearing foot steps.

    • Karen Borga

      Sounds like you have some spirits in your home. Try talking to them to see who they are … they could be very enjoyable to live with.

      If you would prefer that they leave, be stern and tell them go.

  2. Donna

    Frank I am feeling stuck in my life,what question can I ask spirit to move me towards the right direction for my highest good.

    • Karen Borga

      Hi Donna,

      Your thoughts are so so powerful. Instead of feeling stuck, allow your intention to be the Universe is lining all the necessary pieces up for your desires.

      Become creative. During this quiet time, you will be able to receive inspiration. Journal the ideas and follow your intuition.

      Just a reminder: We are here to choose, and spirit is here to help us get there.

      I remember when I was starting out on my spiritual journey … I wanted to become psychic and couldn’t decide what “clair” to develop. So, I spent a very long time just pondering … concerned I might make a wrong decision. The truth was … it was my indecision that was holding me back. It didn’t really matter what I chose, just that I was taking a step. My divine guidance will lead me once I had momentum.

      In my story, I tried to learn clairaudience because that was what Frank excels at. We went to a week long course studying mediumship. Day one was so hard for me … but Day Two … oh my goodness … I was able to do it with ease … clairvoyance … yep, I found my gift. I see, Frank hears. He struggled with Day Two.

      So … me taking a step in a direction led me to my desire. Life is the journey, just get up and go.

      Make an affirmation for yourself – Every day is filled with joy and it leads me to more and more fulfilling rewards. I am truly blessed with so much joy in my life.

      I will intend this with you!

      Blessings to you and all you do ~ Karen


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