Each week, we offer guidance from the Angels. These messages are meant to give you simple action steps to help you through the week, and the rest of your life. 

For over a decade, Frank has been giving guidance to his clients from all over the world.  He serves as a channel to provide messages of guidance and healing to help you see beyond the limitations that you put forth on yourself to develop a new and better path. The purpose of his messages is to provide guidance to difficult situations. He is also gifted as a medical intuitive.


  1. Patsy Lynn

    Today’s Angel Reading with 3 cards from Frank was about Healing,very intuitive and surprising as it really hit home and my Heart!!he is awesome,thanks Frank from Patsy L

  2. Lori Esposito

    This is my first time watching you Frank, sorry I always watched Karen.
    What an amazing start to my week, even though this reading is from 5-31 it couldn’t have hit home for me especially the healing card!!! I’ve been struck down with every disease out there since I was 13 and I don’t give up on healing, I’m 56 now! Your words only reinforced what I truly believe we can heal no matter how much our bodies throw at us… be strong mind and body! Thanks so much Frank, Namasta


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