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Angel of Healing Card - Awaken with Angels Oracle Deck

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Your Angels are always with giving you a gentle nudge or sign. These daily messages can also be considered another way your Angels are contacting you. Spend quiet time reflecting on how they can relate to you. 

God Bless You and All You Do ~ Karen Borga


May You Feel Joyful Blessings

May You Feel Joyful Blessings

Embrace divine blessings and find solace in God’s guidance. Let your heart be uplifted with encouragement from your angels. Discover the strength within and bask in the radiant light of love.

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I love receiving my Angel messages and picking a card for every day! Thank you so much for this website.

Rae Smithson

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Discover the magic of picking an angel oracle card every day for inspiration and guidance. These cards are like little messengers, sharing positive vibes and encouragement. Taking a moment for this daily ritual can be a simple way to handle stress and find some peace. It’s not just about the cards; it’s about you – growing, discovering, and feeling divinely supported. Let these cards remind you that you’re not alone and the Angels are nudging you toward a more awesome you. Visit daily to let the angels speak to you, and enjoy the journey of discovering your inner wisdom and strength.

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Frank Borga - Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

Angel Card Readings
with Frank Borga

Intuitive readings are an excellent way to gain perspective – an overview of a particular situation, set of conditions or life patterns. Frank has decades of experience helping clients to identify what is influencing or blocking their success, and what they can do about it. Book your session to learn what the Angels want you to know.